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FAQ - Security

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How safe is my information? Can anyone else look at my information?

First you control your data's security; it is as safe as you want it to be...

Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC does not store your data or personal information; you choose and control your storage media.

Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC only provides you the management system to record and store your information, we ask the questions... You answer them…You store them... it is that easy to be prepared.

Once you receive your Home and Family product on CD... do the following: 1. Load the CD on your computer, naming your file. DO NOT ENTER DATA ONTO THE CD 2. You will need ADOBE Reader, if you do have ADOBE you may download it from the CD or the internet. 3. Begin to enter your information into your new file. 4. After you have entered your information, you may store it on your media of choice, (e.g. Hard Drive, Floppy Disk, CD, DVD, USB Memory Stick, etc.). 5. Safeguard your information.

Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC recommends that you treat your information with the highest level of confidentiality and portability. You are responsible to safe guard and maintain your documented information's integrity and accessibility for your family members and emergency contact person.



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