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Join Our Team - Become an Independent Associate or Distributor

Start or add on to your own business today as an Independent Associate (IA) or Distributor by joining the team of Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC (CLD) for our Wellness and Preparedness Products.

CLD is actively looking for Independent Associates and Distributors to participate in our global marketing program for our products. Each IA is an independent contractor (non-employee) and is compensated only on product sales and you are responsible for your own taxes and expenses. Working with CLD provides an attractive income opportunity for you because it provides a wide range of products that can generate the potential for a very profitable income.

If you are interested in participating as an Independent Associate or Distributor for the EmergencyPrep-4U Products please contact us:

Critical-Life-Data.Com, LLC.
Sales & Marketing Department
P. O. Box 9402
Naperville, IL 60567-9402

Phone: (630) 337- 9720
Fax: (630) 420-8955

E-Mail: info@critical-life-data.com

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